Linda Madaris

I have to admit, joining a bootcamp at 61 years old was a little scary. I have always been active but never really athletic so when my daughter-in-law invited me to try it one night with her, I had a little confidence that I won;d be able to get through that one night! I always wanted to try exercise with a trainer but feared I would be embarrassed by the younger more fit people and I wouldn't want to continue. Well, it has been 6 months since I started and I am in the BEST shape of my life. I am stronger, have more energy, lost about 15 pounds and have so much confidence in my ability to train! Patrick is terrific....he doesn't hear the word CAN'T but instead helps you find a way to work the muscle group that he has chosen for that session. He constantly gives positive feedback so even when you think you can't go another minute, you try a little harder for him! I feel great and as I continue to lose weight and get stronger, I am more convinced that people my age need to have this type of training to be successful! Do it for deserve it!

Rob Williams

Being apart of this bootcamp has not only increased my strength and stamina, but it has insured a commitment to continue a routine of exercise and give myself a healthier opportunity of life

Gail Williams

​I have never stuck to an exercise program and in fact I hated to exercise. Pat has inspired me to get up off the couch and move. Now, I look forward to working out. Every workout is different, productive and the hour goes by so fast. Pat keeps us accountable so even on days that my body says no my mind says yes. I have more stamina to keep up with my rambunctious grandkids. I feel so proud that my exercise had paid off. Because of the bootcamp I have dropped a dress size but more importantly, I feel better. I have more energy and have regained an active lifestyle. "

Violetta Wolert

This boot camp has been the best thing that I have done for myself in the last year. The class pushes me to work out beyond what I would ever do by myself or in a gym. You also receive individualized attention in a group setting. It has helped my physical and mental strength.  I have become more physically fit, mentally strong and it has greatly reduced my stress levels. The atmosphere is very encouraging, uplifting, challenging and fun!

Chelsea Odoms

Up until the point of starting Fat Blast Training Camp, I had never worked out consistently; I was always on again and off again. I contribute my success to Pat. He is a great people person, who is motivating and encouraging. Each workout was something new and challenging and as the weeks went on, I felt changes in myself on the inside and outside. I was accomplishing my goals of gaining strength, endurance and losing weight, and that was my personal motivation for returning for each workout. Pat creates an environment to where you're not only working out, but having fun doing it as well!!!!

Janet Kneely

I have been doing boot camp now for 8 months. Never thought I would do anything like this but I am so glad I did I have lost 18 pounds and inches all over, I have more energy I feel so much better, boot camp has changed my body. It is very challenging but with pat motivating you and you seeing the results its worth it. I Love doing this, Pat is great he has so much energy and motivation you feed off that. It is one of the best things I have done for myself. Thanks Pat

Deborah Herr

I was able to fit into a pair of dress pants this morning that I have not been able to wear in a YEAR!! 


Meledy Mathis

After 9 years in the military, I woke up one day over 50lbs heavier then when I was medically retired and almost 40% body fat. I started the Project 10 Challenge with Visalus, but that wasn't enough it was only 80% of my journey, I found my other 20% at bootcamp. I lost my initial 13lbs and 7% before fat and plateaued from there I let people and life get in the way. Well, no more of that with my dedication to get in the best shape of my life and the mentor ship and guidance that Coach Pat instills in us at  each bootcamp to do one more past our comfort zone. to date I'm down 53lbs and 12% body fat in over a year. I have found a new found love for passion for fitness that stretches far past the gym floor into my kitchen that wouldn't have been there without accepting the challenge to go to Fat Blast Training Camp and keep going no matter what.

Maria Wright

I am so THANKFUL for Fat Blast Training Camp. It's a fun and awesome total body workout. Every class is different, Pat changes it up so we don't get accustomed to the workout and are consistently challenging our selves. He's a great motivator and pushes me to do more than I think I can do, and it works everytime. The workouts are for all ages and body types, you do what you can do and every day you get stronger and faster. The people at this class are very encouraging as well. They don't judge you if you need to stop and catch your breath, or if you are not the fastest or the strongest.... They just cheer you on and support you.

 I love my "Bootcamp" class!!

Rosa Baxter

When I started Fat Blast Training Camp I had no idea that I would become addicted to it. It has changed me, I'm physically and mentally stronger. The physical challenge this program has offered is more than words can express. All aspects of my life when it come physical I can do and embrace at all times. My heaviest was 245lbs I started my weight lost by changing the way I ate, then I was introduced to FBTC which took my weight loss to another level. I started at 225 and I'm down to 181, my goal is 165. I am 48 years old and feel like I'm in a body of that of a 25 year old. Pat Thomas the coach brings knowledge, fun and challenging workouts. His workouts are powerful and productive. If FBC was not part of my life I would still be stuck on the New Year Resolution Mode. I have broken that mode in my life and so can anyone else.

Kim Alexander

I started this crazy boot camp recommended to me by a supposed friend(lol) with a goal to make it a month. I am in my late 40's with a lot of doubts that I could keep up. I was so sore that I could hardly walk, I could not run the parking lot without stopping, I was constantly last. It was hard both mentally and physically! October marks one year, yes I still get sore, but I constantly surprise myself that I can keep up. I have lost weight, inches, pant size and most importantly I have lost some of the self doubts. Pat's workouts are never the same and are fun and competitive so it has something for every fitness level and age. Don't be scared come out and give it a try you might surprise yourself too!!

Caitlin Neal 

Training with Pat has made a big difference for me on the tennis court. I've gotten stronger and improved my power a lot!

Kylie Moulin

Pro Play Sport training has really helped me be in the best shape that I can be and was able to help me take my tennis game to the next level!

Amber O

More than being a motivator, Pat does a great job of designing workouts that include sport-specific exercises and functional movements to engage various muscle groups. Which brings me to the most important aspect and the reason for it all... the results!  I am amazed at how my body continues to change, even still, and how I am able to do things I was once unable to do.  If you are really looking to transform your body and redefine your fitness goals, then contact Pat, show up, and keep showing up.  It's that simple.

Connor Bright

Pat has helped me to hit harder, run fast, and look good while doing it!

Patrick Cacciatore

Pat Thomas was a huge part of my success as a tennis player. He took my fitness and strength to a new levelthat changed the way I was able to play on he court.  If it weren't for Pat, I wouldn't be where I am today!

Jennifer C

Having joined gyms only to fizzle, and having tried online workout challenges only to quit, I bought a Groupon for Pro Play boot camp to prep for an upcoming vacation. I'm NOT a early-morning workout fan, but going for 1 month solid allowed me to see real results and love my energy levels so much that I continued after our vacation. Not only do I have muscles and definition unlike anything I've had before, but I'm a distance runner, and I count the cross-training from Pro Play to be one of the key reasons I've shaved over 25 minutes off my half marathon-time since starting. I've been attending morning boot camp at Pro Play for 3 years and I still love the ever-changing workouts- no 2 have ever been the same!

Patty Sant

The best workout ever!!! Every month a different sport each workout is never the same.  We workout as teams but also as individuals.  Pat Thomas is a true professional trainer... He makes working out fun but he also expects you to do your best.  It's a great group of people and we welcome all new comers. Never say Never and Never quit.

Jessica G

I really enjoy Pat's classes.  He is a great trainer and definitely pushes you to reach your goals.  Classes are designed for all levels of fitness.  Give it a shot and you will be hooked!!!

Laurie T

This is seriously the best work-out in the Tampa Bay area.  Pat's experience and love for training everyone from the novice to the seasoned athlete shows.  He just absolutely loves what he does and that's the kind of motivation you need when you're like me, someone that has a hard time committing to a workout.  He checks in and wants to make sure you are addressing all your needs, and the workouts are just plain fun while still being super challenging.  And where else are you going to get workout training from a former pro athlete.  Skip the gym and come to Pro Play Sport!



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