6 Steps to Finding a Fitness Best Friend

I wish my best friend was here.

We were just talking about going to the gym.


Here I go. I’m in the gym. And I’ve convince myself here for the third week in a row, three days on, two days off.

But I have to admit, you know what would make this work out even more fun. If my best friend were here. After college our dreams lead us in opposite directions, but we manage to keep in touch, always laughing and joking about everything under the sun: except our weight.

Whelp, actually we manage to joke about how fat we’ve become every chance we get, but honestly, we’re just laughing at our pain.


Today she me a picture of her time lapse on the elliptical at Planet Fitness, where was I you ask, hunched over my computer with a double scoop cookies and cream ice cream cone and a white ring around my lips.

So, you know what I did right, sent her a picture of me.

If you’ve managed to get your a** up and say it’s time to work out, you are off to a great start, but chances are you are going to get bored and lonely. And if you’re like me where your best friends are 300,000 miles away this means it’s now time (for an ice cream cone) to find a new fitness buddy to spice things up a bit.

Studies show that exercising with a partner improves weight-loss results. Whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds or completely transform (in a healthy way) exercising with a fitness buddy can make your workout worthwhile.

A fitness friend that will contribute to crushing your fitness goals. Did you know the dopamine rush from trying something new can create a bond between people, so strike up a conversation with someone in your fitness class, they could be the fitness friend you have been looking for. Someone you call on to go and release anger, pressure and frustration in the healthiest way you ever thought possible.

Meanwhile thanks to the internet of things there are a ton of resources for you to find buddies, meetups and groups. Here is a short list of seven ways you can find a fitness buddy to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

1. Meetup.com

Meetup is a website that allows people to schedule events using one common platform. This is a perfect example of finding any one or group of people who share your interest. This site categories just about everything from joining a movement to learning to cook and hiking up a mountain. So, it’s a no brainer that you’ll find runners, walkers, boxing and meditation here.

2. LivingSocial / Groupon Deals

Discover, buy and share things to do and and save on. If you have been just sticking to what you know (Groupon users) you are missing out. Living social is similar to Groupon allowing you to hundreds yoga and wellness, bicycle rentals, dance classes and even kickboxing packages.

3. Train with a Pro

Here at Pro Play Sport, this is our favorite choice! Your trainer is always a perfect gym buddy. This way you know for sure you are doing the right workout routines with a professional that guarantee results. If this makes you uncomfortable calling your trainer your gym buddy, then why not ask him to recommend a gym buddy for you. If anyone can begin to pair you up with a gym partner who better to call on than your own personal trainer.

4. Coworkers

By default, our coworkers become our actual friends whether we realize it or not. When somethings bothering you or you have a stressed out thought at work you usually share it with your closest coworker. So why not grab the coworker who you have been casually having healthy talks with and get to the nearest park to start your walk.

During my time working in a call center, people would walk around the building on their breaks to stretch their legs. This method is great whether when you are in your working environment. It not contributes to your daily steps (for my fit users) but allow you to step away from the office for a nice breather.

5. Social Media PSA

Shout it out loud and proud, we do it for everything else.

“I’m back in the gym and this time I’m looking for a new gym buddy. I’m free to link up at any 24hr Fitness in Tampa, Florida Wednesday – Thursday 6-8pm Any takers? Even if we haven’t talked in FOREVER let’s catch up!”

You see what I did there? It’s all ready for you to copy and paste.


And if your anything like my best friends, when mentioning "other friends" you cringe instantly having some sort of self brought on panic attack: WHAT OTHER FRIENDS?

There are ways to connect with your friends as if they still live across the hall.

Google Docs works great for sharing all sorts of documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Here I could have easily given you a template to download for you to share with your friend but thats more likely to get you to share it and never use it

Odds are you're more likely to use the one you both created.

So, together schedule a time you will be available to create your BFF Workout Tracker together.

This should include:

name of workouts

name of machines

name of testing new workout styles

end of the week debrief section (how you feel, food you ate, anything new)

log of workout times with initials.

Despite whose your best friend, an old college roomie or funny co-worker when its time to get serious about your health you're usually pretty desperate because you are looking for a change. Vulnerable feelings like this have to be fed either you will choose to go hard or home. Other times you will have never made it to the gym. Sometimes we all need someone to hold us accountable.

Whose your Fitness Best Friend?

Check out 5 Ways to Prepare for a Workout.

Check out How to Convince the Mind, it's time.

Please leave comments! I would love to see screenshots of your Google Docs you created with your Fitness Buddy, share below. Are there any other great places to meet fitness buddies that I might have left out? What kind of person meets your fitness buddy standards?

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