Nutrition Awareness


Start getting excited about fueling the body, trying new foods and colors! Getting excited about every opportunity you have to eat, intentionally choosing the best foods and fluids to enhance your performance in life. These simple wise choices just become a part of your day, rather than a part of your punishment!

Eat Clean

Recognizing and making selections of all the different types of food that can utilize to help fuel the body for longer periods of time and connecting them with their functions for the body ie. Fluid, build, prevent, protect.


Carbs: Less processed the better (fist full)


Proteins: Less legs the better (deck of cards/ palm of hand)


Fruits/ Veggies: Eat a rainbow (as much as you can)


Fats: Fats that give back (thumb size/spoonful)

(Omega 3s, flaxseed, room temperature olive oil, avocado, paw nuts)

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