Convince The Mind, it's Time

Our bodies are capable of anything. It’s our minds we have to convince.

Granted, it’s easy to wake up every day and not like what you see in the mirror. It’s another thing to do nothing about it. There’s a saying that says, “not everyone that speaks into your life has your best interest at heart.” And it’s even fun to point out when someone else is being Negative Nancy but most of the time it’s not someone: it’s you.

Have you ever found yourself waiting for something to happen that’s never going to happen? Seeking happiness on a path you’ve never even traveled down. Seeing yourself spinning in a room, looking your very best with all eyes on you. What good is it to dream of a day that you will yet to see because can’t seem to get pass step three.

  1. Rolls out of bed.

  2. Stands Tall.

  3. Convince the mind, it's time.

Associate yourself with good thoughts. Thoughts that beauty still remains whether you see it today or not.

The science of exercise is a marathon not a sprint. Do not get trapped by your physical body or the perceptions, you think, other people may have on you. If making a change to the way you imagine yourself will reflect the way you love yourself then why not convince oneself.

When deciding what to blog about I almost wrote, "50 reasons to exercise". Although muscle gain, fat loss and maintenance is a simple math equation of eating protein, carbs and veggies that won't help you remember why you started.

Here’s an infographic that I hope helps you remember why you will be sore today but saying it’s well worth it tomorrow.

(Infographic: scroll up to see more)

When you’re at the gym feeling like you’ll never be one of those people who look like they’ve been at it their entire lives, remember that they all started from somewhere.

Dropping the college fifteen or getting back down to your high school weight for the wedding dress of your dreams does not cure negative body images, only self care and self love can give you permission to allow fitness to affect your happiness.

Confidence does not wear a gender nor color either sexual orientation. There is something about confidence that reeks of a citrus sensation. A smell so lemon lime like, one that wakes you up in the morning ready to convince your mind: it's time.

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Please leave comments! I would love to hear about how you conquer your fitness fears? What exercises do you consider a mood steroid? How do you fight insomnia? Has fitness helped boost your confidence? What fitness plans do you have to conquer anxiety? What challenges do you feel fitness has prepared you for?

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